My name is Yesenia Judith Cisneros and I am a Los Angeles based graphic designer and owner/founder of ThatYesiCat. I currently work in print production design, which I love! There is something almost magical about seeing something transform from an idea in someone's mind into ink on paper and I love taking part in the process.

I studied Psychology at UCLA for two years and later graduated Summa Cum Laude from Westwood College-Los Angeles School of Design with a Bachelor's of Science in Visual Communications, emphasis in Graphic Design. While at Westwood, I participated in the VISION Design Club as a founder, member and student leader as well as the Comic Art Club. I worked in a print shop for two years while I studied Graphic Design which allowed me a certain insight into print that not many people get to learn, so I consider myself quite knowledgable on the matter from both the print and design end.

I grew up in downtown Los Angeles which enabled me to grow up surrounded by various cultures, histories and unique individuals with a story to tell. The belief that every person has a story or message to share and it is this belief that tied me to graphic design at a young age. I was always the little girl doodling on the side of her notes who grew into the high school student drawing out yearbook page layouts grids and managing the school's website. Now I've evolved to the graphic designer writing about herself on a website with her name as the domain.

I strongly believe that communication is key in order to achieve success in anything one may pursue. I work hard to come to an understanding with my clients and assess their creative design needs.

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