Harlem Shake

Erin Condren Harlem Shake

This happened at work this week. Can you spot me? :)

Spotlight On Dr. Who Card

Custom designed Dr. Who themed holiday card for Christmas 2012.

Custom designed Dr. Who themed holiday card for Christmas 2012.

This past holiday season I had such fun creating my own holiday card his year! Fusing some elements of our cards at with my layout, illustration & photography I came up with a holiday card inspired by one of my favorite shows around, Dr. Who! I tried to get as close to TARDIS blue as I could. One of the awesome things about the company I work for is that our products are completely custom so I was able to drop in my art work on the z-fold template which means.. you guessed it… my card isĀ bigger on the inside!

This is by far one of my favorite recent projects. It’s super personal but my friends & boss really seemed to enjoy it. I also submitted this piece to a Dr. Who fan page on Facebook for a contest and got some neat comments. I’m very proud of this piece! Not pictured here are the matching return address labels. Since we don’t carry Tardis blue envelopes, they were shipped in pale blue.

A fresh start…

There are quite a few long overdue changes coming to, starting with a brand new blog! I’ve got a few things in the works but in the meanwhile, here is a hello post from the one and only Yesi!

I currently work as a Graphic/Production Designer for In my free time I’ve dabbled in photography and frequented theme parks. I’ve also started a couple of creative projects which I’m really hoping to launch this year, including a possible video series and some pretty awesome portfolio pieces.

I’m really excited about this year and the plans I have :) Stay tuned!

- Yesi